Welcome to:
Annemieke's Studio
Violin and Fiddle lessons
- specializing in Baroque violin technique -

- A String Ensemble for adults and teens -
directed by Annemieke Pronker-Coron  

A String Ensemble for Youth (10-16 year old)
directed by Annemieke Pronker-Coron


The Alachua Consort
Annemieke Pronker-Coron's
Violin / Fiddle Studio
The Alachua Consort www.alachuaconsort.com

The American School of String Playing  
Violin method by Mark O'Connor
available at SHAR Music
Mark O'Connor and Annemieke
the Teacher Trainer course
New York City, July 2009
Mark O'Connor and Pam Wiley,
teaching the American Violin method
20th International Festival of Women Composers
March 8 - 12, 2016

March 8:
The Alachua Consort at the Baughman Center
More information at:
The Margaret Zach International Women Composer Library