Magnolia Productions
The Harmony Project:

"Learning to play an instrument takes patience,
persistence, and focus — the same qualities
students need to excel in school and in their future
career. We support our students every step of the
way, helping them achieve their goals throughout
their childhood."

    Magnolia Productions is focused on bringing roots music to Gainesville and the surrounding area of North Central Florida.

    Top international musicians of different styles of string and roots music tour the nation.  Magnolia Productions extends their welcome and invites this incredible talent to
    Gainesville, Florida.  Promoting this music is essential for keeping music alive among all of us.  Not an easy task in an increasingly digitalized society.  
    The group envisages to promote music series comprised of a combination of concerts and/or workshops at local venues or in the home.

    Magnolia Spring Series
    Magnolia Productions is proud to present to you a star filled series of concerts and workshops from January through April of 2019:

    Wednesday, January 16: Bluegrass
    Concert at the Thomas Center - 7 PM
    Joe K. Walsh - mandolin, Danny Barnes - banjo, Grant Gordy - guitar

    Sunday, January 27: Irish and Choro
    Workshop at the Coron residence
    Concert at the Thomas Center – 7 PM
    Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle

    Thursday, February 7: Gypsy Jazz
    The Django Workshop: looking at the origins of gypsy jazz                                                               
    Workshop at the Coron Residence – 7 PM
    Guitar Workshop – 7 PM
    Tim Kliphuis – violin, Alfonso Ponticelli – guitar

    Wednesday, February 13: Scottish
    Concert at Thomas Center – 7 PM
    Alisdair Fraser and Natalie Haas

    Monday, April 1: Nordic
    Concert at the Thomas Center – 7 PM
    Tuesday, April 2
    Workshop at the Coron residence – 7 PM
    Music from the Shetlands, Sweden and Norway
    The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
    Kevin Henderson, Olav Luksengård Mjelva, Anders Hall